Are you building a New Home ? Thanks to Automated Technologies home automation is now an experience that anyone with any budget can afford. Automated Tecnology makes it possible for multiple consumer electronics and home systems to work seamlessly together with a single remote.

If your a builder or Architect the opportunites to sell a home with Home Automation increases by 86% and if your an individual building a new home the increased value for your home is exponential and invaluable.

Lighting    by the use of wired and wireless technology lighting control can simplify everyday events using integrated timers, motion sensors and dimmers, while your at home or on vacation enhancing securiity and your energy cost on a budget that won’t hurt your pocket.

Temperature Control    reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time conserve energy and help keep money in your pocket with pre-programmed temperature controls.

One Remote Control    Control all your entertainment needs. No need for multiple remotes. Simplify life around you with ONE Remote

Anything is Possible    if you can imagine how home control can simplfy life around you Automated Technologies can make it happen at a budget that suits you including door locks, a/c controls, pool controllers, appliance monitors and much more. Contact Automated technologies to learn more.

Download our brochure here and simplify life around you.