Household lighting accounts for 12-15% of your household utility bill and studies suggest 20% of all electricity produced is used for lighting but 50% is wasted by inefficient lighting sources or careless consumers.

The good news is Automated Technologies allows you to combine high tech that will have a positive impact on the environment and one that can match any budget.

Both wired and wireless solutions can be installed in new construction as well as in exisiting homes giving any homeowner the power to be green.Remote access allows you to adjust air conditioning and lighting so your home is comfortable by the time you arrive. You can even automate your shades to open and close with sunlight to help reduce the work your A/C unit has to do. Thereby saving energy and money for you.

You can even get rid of all those remotes off your coffee table and control everything with just one easy to use remote. Now you can really control all your entertainment needs.

Automated Technologies products help the carbon footprint in the Cayman Islands on a daliy basis. Through our products and services you can simplify life around you and at the same time help the impact on the environment in the Cayman Isalnds.


Download our brochure here and simplify life around you.