Technology adoption is critical to any companies continued
success and companies are continually looking for increased
efficiences across it’s offices. With growing staff and the need
for communications Automated Technologies advanced
presentation and video conferencing technology has proven in
the Cayman Islands to be of the highest standard.

Automated Technologies delivers on this promise by providing centralized device operation with a variety of control systems that create an easy to use graphical user interface that needs little if any training to operate the system.

Videoconferencing, audio/video integration, auditoriums, automated meeting reservations, presentational facilities & internet Access & communications are just a few of the services and products that Automated Technologies have provided.

Automated Technologies greatly simplifies complicated processes such as operating presentation and videoconferencing equipment by centralizing control and making the technology easy to use by all staff, reporting a high rate of technology adoption in conference rooms across the island. Simplify your business with Automated Technologies.

Download our brochure here and simplify life around you.