Simplify life around you with Automated Technologies. It’s now easy and simple to take control of your lighting, a/c controls, security system and even your entertainment, music& movies from anywhere in your home or in the world.

With our easy to use products we bring comfort and convenience to you and your family with wired and wireless technology that won’t hurt your pocket.

Home Automation used to be expensive.
Automated Technologies has changed all that forever.

It’s Affordable    home automation is now available at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. We have scalable designs for every budget. Start with a basic system and upgrade over time. Automated Technology is there to fit your needs and budget.

It’s Easy to Install    because of our wired and wireless technology our products are designed to be easily installed in both exisiting homes and new homes. Systems can be installed in hours saving you time and money without having to tear down walls or remodel your home. Automated technogies products are customizable to every home.

It’s Easy to Use    Automated Technologies goal is to “Simplify Life Around You”. Now you don’t need numerous remotes to control your life’s needs. Simplify your lighting, A/C controls, music, movies, entertainment better and easier than ever.


Download our brochure here and simplify life around you.